About Adina

What People Want to Know...

I write lots of things professionally. Things like film and video scripts and documentary narration, feature articles, web copy, press materials, marketing collateral, and anything else that needs a good story (and what doesn't?). My freelance articles have appeared in Working Mother, Ladies' Home Journal, Glamour, Mademoiselle, USA Today, The New York Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and My writing typically fits into the lifestyle, health and wellness, food and restaurant, and how-to categories but I've done a lot of work in the educational and non-profit space as well. I write my press materials as feature articles which makes my clients very happy and my editors' jobs easier!  I especially love helping family-owned and local businesses elevate their branding.

I wrote a book called Making It in the City, a girl's guide to starting life on your own in a ridiculously expensive city you can’t afford, which was published in 2005 to help young women navigate real life after college with everything they didn't learn there. It did really well and was later turned into a live event which was pretty cool.  I'm extremely passionate about helping women at all stages of their lives navigate challenges with humor and practical resources. 

Since having kids, another big challenge was finding time to get healthy meals on the table after work. I started a blog called which offers up measure-free recipes that look and taste great no matter what kind of chaos is going on behind the scenes. And I'm sure that when I'm old and gray, I'll find myself in another challenging stage of life, so I'll probably write about that, too. 

What Really Matters...

I love Sour Patch Kids. I’d eat Ranch dressing on my shoe. I don’t do leftovers but I keep them in my fridge. My kids think I like my computer more than I like them. I’m a terrible flyer. I'm one of those weird people who likes to move because it keeps me from collecting too much junk. Good grammar matters. Even in texts. I love coffee culture and communal workspaces. Ellipses rule. Writing is rewriting, walking away, eating some Sour Patch Kids, then rewriting again.

Things I Write

  • Press Materials
  • Scripts & Voiceover Copy
  • Feature Articles
  • Health & Wellness Articles
  • Lifestyle Pieces
  • Humor Pieces
  • Speeches
  • Food and Restaurant Reviews
  • Web Copy
  • Marketing Materials
  • Restaurant and Food Marketing
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility


Published Works

Working Mother


The 12 Step E-Tox: How To Curb Your Electronic Device Addiction

Working Mother


Women for Women: It’s time to turn judgment and criticism into kindness and support—for the sisterhood

Working Mother


Circle of Friends: Why working moms need their gal pals - maybe more than ever before - and how to keep them close


Not so fat! Healthier Southern fare that’s fingerlickin’ good


Card aims to give restaurant reviewers preferential treatment

The New York Times

Bsmt Vu, No Space: Decoding the language on New York City apartment ads

Bsmnt Vu, No Space: Decoding the language on New York City real estate ads.

My Book


Making It in the City: A girl's guide to starting life on your own in a ridiculously expensive city you can't afford (M. Evans & Co., 2005) 

People, places, and publications


Editorial and Public Relations Clients

  • The Giving Back Fund/Big Game Big Give
  • Breadwinner Cafe and Bakery
  • OKA b. Footwear
  • StudentBridge
  • Cox Communications
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Ramah Darom
  • Southeast Yoga Conference
  • Black Book International
  • Aarons, Grant and Habif Accounting
  • Southern Foods at Home
  • JF&CS, Your Tools for Living
  • Key Financial Planning
  • Bill Pay Registry
  • Blue Ribbon Foods